Project 2005









Nombre de population:

1197 persons


Construction d'une ecole de 6 classs pour 152 pupilles

partenaires locaux:

Mairie de LINGNAN
Mairie de MIANCHI
Ecole de LINGNAN






The School Educational Condition Investigation of
LING NAN countryside, CHINA


1. Basic information

There are 1197 members in LINGNAN country, MIANCHI County, China. The total agricultural acre is 1810 MU (667 M2), average 1.5 MU per person. Because of lacking natural resource and no primary manufacture industry, the living standard in this area is very low, annual income per person equals 650 RMB yuan in 2003.

2. LING NAN primary school introduction

At present this school has 152 students, 6 classes and 7 teachers. Including public activity space, there are 15 clay-timber structure rooms that was build 40 years ago, two brick-cement structure buildings also lasted more than 20 years. Because of long history, the wall transformed, the roof had loopholes, the light was weak and the air was wet in the classroom. All mentioned above not only seriously affect normal teaching procedure but also threat the security of teachers and lovely children. Poor administration fee and student tuition cannot support school everyday cost, it’s a dream to refresh experiment utensil and improve school equipment, but how can turn it into reality? Many years go on; this school never purchases a set of advanced teaching tool because of limited budget, it’s urgent to change the poor condition of teaching and learning.

3. The budget of building new classroom

According to the rule of <<The Education Law of People’s Republic of China>>, the standard area of new school should be at least 700 square meters, the budget per square meter is 450 RMB Yuan, so general fund requirement is 315,000 RMB Yuan.
If possible, new school will provide an ideal study environment for 152 children who come from poor family. This good deed can create a bright future for youth and give the whole 1197 people great convenience. We hope charity can support LING NAN School to build new classroom in fund aspect. All country members will be grateful forever for your kind.